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Specializing in Infidelity Surveillance

ACES Private Investigations El Paso, TX

ACES Private Investigations has a presence throughout much of the great state of Texas, specializing in investigative needs for all Texans.

We hope you’ll give us a ring and let us show you firsthand what our growing team of professional and highly trained investigators can do for you.

Licensed and Bonded

ACES El Paso investigators are licensed and bonded in the state of Texas and are intimately familiar with local and state laws and regulations. We take every case extremely seriously and we protect the privacy of our clients at all costs, specializing in private investigations and personal security. We keep our clients informed throughout the process and offer complete transparency at all times. Contact ACES El Paso today to learn what we can do for you!

What Does ACES El Paso Investigate?

We get requests for all sorts of cases, but there are definitely some that are considered specialities simply due to the volume.

Our most highly requested services include cases that revolve around infidelity, worker’s compensation, fraud and background checks.

But it’s a pretty safe bet that we can help you regardless of the type of investigation you need, so give us a call today and let’s discuss the particulars of your case.

If you need private investigative services in El Paso, ACES is the best in the business. Call us today!


ACES Private Investigations uses modern technology, along with a few time-tested tricks along the way, to gather evidence that can be used in court proceedings and will give you some much needed peace of mind, regardless of the situation.

ACES El Paso has trained personnel on our staff who have years of experience working these types of cases and can investigate professionally and discreetly on your behalf.

Give us a call today so we can discuss your specific case and needs!

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Private Security

Your personal safety is something that should never be taken for granted. So if you feel you’re in danger for any reason, or if you just want a little extra security for safety and/or peace of mind, ACES El Paso can help. We have professional investigators who are specially trained in personal protection, many of whom have backgrounds in either law enforcement or the United States military, or often both. For more on our private protection and security services, contact us today!

Private Investigator El Paso

ACES El Paso was founded by ex-military and members of Texas law enforcement and specializes in all areas of private investigation. We’re one of the top security firms in the Lone Star State and our reputation is growing every day and with each newly satisfied client. We work hard on behalf of our clients and have earned a reputation that we never take for granted. If you need private investigative services in the El Paso area, call ACES today for a free initial consultation!
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