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Private Detective El Paso Tx

About Our Detective Services

When you put your trust in ACES Private Investigations El Paso, you’re hiring the best in the business with a long history of getting the job done on behalf of our valued and growing list of satisfied clients.

We’ve built our reputation as one of the top private investigator firms in the country through a lot of hard work and years of dedication to our company and to our clients. We protect that hard-earned reputation at all costs via our services and conducting professional and ethical investigations.

Transparency and Reliability

We urge you to look into our company and investigate the record of success we’ve built through the years. We’re incredibly transparent and will answer questions about our services, provide you with whatever references you require and aid you in the vetting process however we can.

If you do your homework, you’ll find that we excel at what we do. We hire only the most qualified and highly trained investigators to work on our ACES Private Investigative Services El Paso team. And once they’re on the team, we train them some more!

Many have backgrounds in law enforcement both in El Paso and in other areas of Texas and the country. Other investigators have been in the military and spent countless hours honing their skills.

They now work for ACES El Paso, meaning they can also work for you!

Transparency And Reliability
El Paso, TX Investigative Services

El Paso, TX Investigative Services

If you need private investigation services in El Paso, Texas, ACES has you covered! We specialize in a wide range of private investigation, including the following:


If you have questions or would like to put the ACES team to work for you today, contact us today and let’s get started! We offer a free consultation where a private investigator can explain our services and talk about how we can help with your investigation.

Put Us To Work For You


Whether it’s a personal investigation or a case that involves a business or businesses, ACES is ready to take your call, add you to our client base and put our team of private investigators to work for you.

The finest El Paso private detectives and investigators are at your disposal. Phone us today to learn more about our services and how we can help with your case.

Our Guarantee

We want only the finest representing our company and we put in the time to find those people, whether near or far.

Our greatest asset is our people so we like to offer professional employment only to those who can add value, experience and leadership to our team of El Paso private investigators.

If you need private investigation services for any reason, ACES El Paso can do the job in the most professional manner and at the most affordable cost.

Every El Paso private investigator on our payroll has been thoroughly vetted via a professional background check, so you can rest assured that the person gathering evidence on your investigation is above reproach.

Close Ties to the Community

Many of our private investigators in El Paso, Texas, have years of experience in law enforcement, as well as in the United States military. They have ties to the local area and connections they can call on during the course of their investigations.

ACES as a company works closely with law enforcement officials, as well as members of the judiciary. Our growing network of professionals gives us another advantage on our competition and allows us to achieve better results for our clients.

When we take your case, you can rest assured that we’ll handle the investigation with the utmost confidentiality at all times, with every private investigator guarding your privacy at all costs.

aces private investigations el paso keeping close tights with the community

Hiring A Private Detective

We handle each and every one of our cases with professionalism and integrity and will never betray the trust you’ve placed in ACES El Paso.

Please vet our company and our private investigator team and then contact us today for a free initial consultation. We’ll listen to your needs, go over your case, determine what service and/or investigation you need and give you advice on how we feel we should proceed.

We would greatly appreciate the chance to earn your business in the great city of El Paso, Texas. We look forward to adding you as a client and welcoming you into the ACES family!

hiring an aces private investigations el paso detective

What Do We Investigate?

Unlike many private detectives in El Paso our results are extremely successful. Each investigation is handled with professionalism, discretion and care.

Every El Paso private investigator on our team is experienced in surveillance cases, workers compensation fraud cases, missing persons cases and child custody cases. Background checks are also a part of almost every work day at ACES El Paso.


Contact Us Today!

Call ACES Private Investigations El Paso for more information today on your cell phone or landline and let’s match you with a professional private investigator on our team.

We always strive to provide our clients with the best surveillance and investigation service in Texas. If you need help or more information, we’re only a phone call away.

Let’s get to work on your investigation!

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