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Our Investigation Services

We offer a wide range of private investigative services throughout our ACES Private Investigations network and that includes in our newest office in the city of El Paso, Texas.If it falls under the heading of “Private Investigative Services El Paso,” the highly trained and professional team at ACES can get the job done on your behalf.But while we handle everything in the world of private investigation, there are several types of cases we handle on pretty much a daily basis.Below are some of the more popular types of cases that our private investigators take on. But if you don’t see the type of service you need on our list, please give us a call and let’s go over your case and how we can help.

What We Offer


Surveillance Cases

This is the most widely requested type of case in the United States, and it’s certainly no exception at ACES Private Investigations El Paso. Many private investigators earn their living solely by conducting surveillance operations, as it’s a mainstay in the industry.

At ACES El Paso, we take advantage of modern technology to aid our clients in this area but we also rely on time-tested surveillance techniques. Our investigators use high definition cameras, Global Position System (GPS) trackers, top-of-the-line video equipment and tracking software, but they also have years of experience in the field and certainly know how to track a suspect on the street without being seen.

All of the information we gather on behalf of our clients is professionally compiled and can easily be presented during the course of court proceedings, where we can also testify on your behalf.

Background Checks

Our investigators are often called on to conduct professional background checks for a number of different reasons. We handle these types of cases by utilizing a variety of different methods, including sifting through work histories, criminal and civil reports, public records and in-person interviews, among others.

We gather all of the pertinent information and present you with a final report that you can feel confident has been properly investigated and vetted.

Our background checks El Paso, Texas, culminate in reports that are extremely thorough and detailed in regards to the person in question.

If you need a background check for any reason, call ACES El Paso today!


Divorces and Child Custody Cases

This is another mainstay of our business and an area where many of our investigators spend a good deal of their time.More than half of all marriages end in divorce in the United States and many of them don’t end in the most positive of ways. Unfortunately, children are often caught in the middle and courts have to intervene.If you need information gathered on your spouse for a divorce or child custody proceeding, we can certainly help. And we can also appear in court to present evidence we’ve gathered on your behalf.Give us a ring and let’s sit down to discuss your case. Once we’ve formulated a game plan, we can get to work on collecting the evidence you need and helping to achieve the ultimate outcome that you desire.


Missing Persons Cases

If you’ve lost track of someone over the years and want to find them, our private investigators in El Paso, Texas, can locate them for you.It could be a long lost love, a former Army buddy, an old flame from high school or even a child you put up for adoption years ago. It doesn’t matter who or why, we can track them down.We have access to a number of public and private databases and we’ve cultivated contacts around the globe over the years. We use all resources at our disposal to find people who have either disappeared or have simply moved around a lot during the course of their lives.We have a long history of success in this area, so contact ACES El Paso today and let’s get to work!

missing people

Personal Protection Services

In a world that’s becoming more dangerous all the time, more and more people are turning to personal protection services as a way of keeping themselves and their loved ones safe.ACES El Paso has investigators on staff who have been specifically trained in personal protection. Most are also certified by the State of Texas to carry firearms, if you wish for them to do so.If you need someone to keep you safe from harm, give us a call today. We can examine your specific needs and match you with the personal protection specialist who’s right for you.Safety is something you never want to risk or take for granted.

ACES El Paso can help!

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