Private Investigators Help To Battle Insurance Fraud

insurance fraud

There are all kinds of fraud in the world, some of a more personal nature like romance scams and others that can cost companies and organizations millions of dollars. Our ACES investigation services specialists are ready, willing and able to help in each and every type of case, but it’s the latter that we’re going to focus on today. Insurance fraud occurs when someone commits an act that is intended to benefit him or herself at the detriment of another person or entity. In every case, they’re seeking to obtain something they’re not entitled to, in most cases financial reward or compensation.

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Many individuals who have suffered injuries or been wronged in other ways have legitimate claims and complaints. But there are also a whole lot of people in the world who seek to use and abuse the system. Professional private investigators have decades of experience dealing with these types of cases and know exactly what to look for and where to look for it. Sometimes all it takes is simple surveillance to catch these cheaters in the act, but other times it takes a more lengthy and in-depth investigation.

Insurance Fraud Claims

But private investigators can help to find, identify and uncover the truth. And they do so over and over and over again.

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Our ACES private detective El Paso TX specialists have followed people who claim to have injuries and photographed them doing things they simply shouldn’t be able to do. They’ve even been known to photograph and video someone who is supposed to be dead but is very much alive and receiving death benefits through his or her family. Someone who is receiving financial compensation for a leg or back injury but is healthy enough to be out playing basketball with his or her friends, for example, simply shouldn’t be receiving a monthly insurance check.


It’s fraud, pure and simple! And our private investigator El Paso specialists can uncover this kind of fraud for individuals and businesses from coast to coast. It’s one of the things they’re trained for and have years of experience in uncovering – and they can help you too!

If you suspect an employee, former employee or associate is bilking the system for his or her financial gain, call a licensed and experienced private investigator today. But do your due diligence first and be sure that the person you’re hiring has the experience and the know how to do the job you’re hiring them for. Conduct interviews, ask for references and be confident in the person you’re hiring to do the job.

Act Fast With You Investigator

Our ACES Private Investigations El Paso, TX specialist know that Insurance fraud is a growing problem in the United States and really throughout the world. But crooks can be discovered and called out by going through proper means and channels. Don’t let these types of situations go too far before beginning an investigation. If you think something fishy may be occurring, call in the cavalry today so they can look into the matter on your behalf.

You could save thousands or even millions of dollars in the process!